You will be able to bid for properties through West Lancs HomeFinder if you are registered on the councils housing register.

When you are accepted on to the housing register we will email or write to tell you:

  • Your housing application number

  • The band your application has been placed in and your priority date. For more information view prioritising applications.

  • The number of bedrooms you are entitled to.

You must tell us if there are any changes in your circumstances so that we can reassess your application and if necessary make changes to your band and priority date. Changes we need to be aware of would include if you move address, change your employment, or someone moves in or out of your home. Failure to notifty us of any changes could result in an offer being withdrawn.


Property Type

You will only be eligible for property types as detailed below:




Qualifying Group

  Bedsits   Single people & couples without children
  Flats/Maisonettes   Single people, couples, familes
  Houses   Households with children where the youngest is aged 16 or under **
  Bungalows   Households with a disability & those aged over 55


** In determining eligibility for a house, we would consider whether the applicant is the primary carer for a child, a number of factors can be a taken into account during this assessment including the time that the child spends living with the applicant and whether the applicant is designated the primary carer for benefit purposes i.e. are they in receipt of child benefit etc. Applicants who are not the primary carer, even in cases where care is shared equally between parents, will not be eligible to bid on a house.

Sheltered housing bungalows and sheltered schemes are reserved for those over 55 years of age who need the added benefits of a safe and secure environment that supports and sustains their long term health and wellbeing. For sheltered flats not in a communal scheme, applications will be considered from households where all members are over 50.


Property Size

You will only be eligible for properties that are suitable for the size of your family need. The number of bedrooms allocated will be dependent on the size of the household taking into account the bedroom standard. The following criteria will be followed:

  • • Each married/co-habiting couple will require a bedroom
  • • Each adult aged 21 years or more will require a bedroom
  • • Each pair of children of the same sex aged between 10-20 will require a bedroom
  • • Each pair of children aged under 10, regardless of sex, require a bedroom (once one child reaches the age of 10, they can be paired with another person of the same sex who is aged 20 or under. Where this is not possible, the unpaired child will require a separate bedroom).

Where there is a demonstrated need for an additional room for a carer or medical equipment (as evidenced by information from a medical professional), an additional bedroom can be allocated.

Where a household is experiencing difficulties with accommodating 2 very young children i.e. under 5 in a single bedroom, an additional bedroom may be allocated. This award is discretional and will only be made following a home visit by a Housing Options Advisor.

As the Council has limited availability of 2 bedroom houses; those households with two children and assessed as eligible for 2 bedrooms under the above criteria will be allowed to bid on both 2 and 3 bed properties, however all offers would subject to an affordability assessment.