Benefits and Grants


Prevention and early help fund               

Aged 16+ or care leaver or require additional support to stay in the community.  Help can be in the form of food, clothing and fuel for a temporary period or essential items if you are moving due to domestic violence, a disaster (such as a flood or fire). To make an application call 03001236735


The British Gas Energy Trust

If you are struggling to pay outstanding energy debts, need a replacement boiler or repair or you need white goods but are unable to buy them, the British Gas Energy Trust may be able to assist. You will need to provide any additional proofs as required and complete an application. For more information go to


United Utilities Trust fund

If you are struggling to pay your water bill you can apply for help.  For more information go to

All children in reception year one and two are eligible for free school meals. Children in other years if certain benefits are in payment.  For more information go to


School Uniform help

Help with school uniforms will only be provided under exceptional circumstances.  For more information go to


Food Bank Help

Help is available from food banks.  If you need help visit the customer service point in the concourse to find out more